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Besides being a blogger here on – expressing my extended expertise on Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego – I am also an (+10-year) experienced tour guide (Patagonia, Latin America, Canada, East Africa, India a.o.), travel writer & photographer with a keen eye, a (international) marketing communications & brand manager and a resourceful spider-in-the-web, planner & organiser.

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  • … if one day you decide to see the amazing Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego for yourself. Having travelled and lived here for seven seasons, I know this place. I just don’t know you yet! I choose to work with people and agencies that share the same vision as me, offering an experience rather than an excursion. It’s all about ‘doing what you love, loving what you do.’ Based on your wishes and budget I can make an itinerary and plan, organise and/or escort (part of) your trip. If in the neighbourhood, we’ll sure meet & greet;
  • … if you’re interested in hiring me for an assignment on any of the above or something that might suit my profile;
  • … if you are looking for an adventurer open to new horizons on anything wild, desolate, inspirational & beautiful
  • … if you wish to use, reproduce or alter any materials (text and images) for commercial use and/or outside of the regular blogosphere;
  • … if you got any other great opportunity that might be of interest to me! I am all ears.

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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. buenísimo este sitio, Nicoliene!! entiendo el inglés, pero me cuesta un poco para contestarte. Cuando reciba visitas las pondré en contacto contigo ¡Seguro conoces mejor tierra del fuego que yo, que llevo 15 años aquí!

    • Gracias Marcelo por tus palabras! Ya viste, yo la amo esta tierra. Es un lugar impresionante, y quiero conocer cada lugarcito. Por suerte hay mucho para descubrir! Sola la isla grande es mas grande que mi pais jaja. Y si por favor, si tenes visitantes, siempre podes referir a mi sitio o ponerles en contacto directo por email. Un gran saludo!

  2. Hey Niko!
    Hoewel natuurlijk lang geen Haagse Règah, is dat beestje best mooi. En je site…. Ben onder de indruk. Zeer fraai. Mooi beeld ook in ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’. Ik ga van de week weer verder bladeren.
    Liefs, Jacques

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