A wandering soul

I love to wander, explore and get lost. I love close encounters and faraway views. I love the sound of the sea and the magic in the sky.

I am Nicoliene, Made in Holland, destined to ternaround. I am a wandering free spirit with a need to feel at home. If I’m not wandering, my mind is. My imagination is unlimited and my boundaries are stretchable.

Since 1999 I spend most of my time travelling and working abroad as a communications expert and tour guide. I started writing about my experiences, being inspired by different cultures and a variety of landscapes. Each country, city or outpost I travelled or temporarily lived in, left its imprint and to each of them I hope to return.

On the trail along Lago Roca to Hito XXIV in the national park Tierra del Fuego
On the trail along Lago Roca to Hito XXIV in national park Tierra del Fuego.

Travelling is a big eye-opener. It soothes my mind. It allows me to see, feel and experience the world for what it truly is – anywhere from my couch back home to the wildest uninhabited coast – it’s magical.

Even though I love the comforts of home, I feel happy and very much alive outdoors. Looking at maps triggers an undeniable desire in me to explore every road and hike every trail. Not that I’m looking for something specific, it’s just that I might miss out on something spectacular… or something simple but equally amazing. The magic is always in the eye of the beholder.

It was Patagonia that swept me off my feet six years ago and not just because of its infamous winds. Ever since, I love to share my love for this vast land of mountains, lakes, glaciers, coasts and plains with everyone who’ll listen. Ever since, a good half of the year I made Patagonia my home base. I’m a true Patagonia addict.

I don’t know where this blog is heading. I don’t even know where my life is heading for that matter. There is no big plan as such. I am open to whatever great opportunity comes along. That is freedom.

6 thoughts on “A wandering soul

  1. Hi Nicoleine! It was great to meet your in “Patagonia” this week. I felt some kind of connection with you. You have great pics of remote places! Imagine that you met my old friend Aino Grib in Longyearbyn!

    • Hi Michael, yes it was very nice indeed to meet you at the beach in my hometown! I am happy we met on Tuesday and we had some time to talk, because the next days were tropical, crazy and very busy… Thanks for visiting my website and leaving me a message. Be sure to come back for more stories and photos later! 🙂 Not sure I met Aino, but I told you, I love his work! And yes, I got proof!! Best regards, Nicoliene

  2. Hey Nicolientje, wat een fijne website! Bedankt om het inspirerende persoontje te zijn dat je bent. Laten we elkaar ook eens treffen daar in het zuiden. See you again girl! Groetjes van Marian (uit andere Patagonia ;))

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