Ternaround is a journey, a change of direction or course, a change of perspective. Ternaround is wandering with an open mind. Ternaround is being free as a bird.

Ternaround is inspired by the incredible journey of the Arctic tern, a full time globetrotter. Research shows that this bird has the longest migration of all species on the planet, reaching an average of 70.000 kilometers per year. It flies from its breeding areas as far north as the Arctic islands down to the Antarctic oceans and back again each year. Their migration pattern is determined by richness in food and a favourable back wind to save energy. They can reach up to thirty years of age. When not breeding, the Arctic tern spends most time up in the air, making for a total of three return trips to the moon during an Arctic tern’s lifespan. The sky is the limit.

Ternaround is my odyssey. I wish to inspire you on yours. Wander. Explore. Get lost. Because when nothing is certain, everything is possible. That’s what Ternaround is all about.

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