Kayak expedition Lago Fagnano – part 4

I am awake early and listen. No sound at all. When Walter wakes up I tell him we either have a tsunami coming our way or the lake is extremely quiet. I go out Yamana style to pee, and come back with water to prepare mate. The lake is still there. Our private little beach looks beautiful and desolate at the same time. Low clouds cover the mountains. Dead, blackened trees add a dramatic feel to the scene.

Beautiful and desolate

While staying in our warm sleeping bags a while longer, a sudden feeling of melancholy comes over me. Our adventure is coming to an end soon. ‘I really don’t want to go back to civilisation yet’, I say to Walter. He smiles. I sigh.

While I disarm the tent and pack stuff, Walter starts a fire. Today’s breakfast consists of grilled toast with butter, cheese and boiled eggs. I collect a variety of rounded, coloured stones from the beach. We don’t speak much this morning.

It’s time to take off on our final day of the expedition. I estimate we have another 20 kilometers of kayaking ahead before arriving at Bahia Bombilla. We paddle in silence, each with our own thoughts.

A colourful palette.

Then the sky opens up once again. We float along the wild but now so tranquil coastline. Walter films the landscape and gets talkative, reminiscing about the trip, the views, the waves. The incredible moments we shared and profound conversations we had. I can hear the emotion in his words. We keep drifting a bit longer. Maybe, unconsciously, we both just wanted to delay the ending of the dream.

Walter wrote about his thoughts preliminary to the expedition. About his admiration and respect for Lago Fagnano and how thrilled he was to finally embark on the expedition to fulfill his dream. He wanted to get a message across too. That life is short. That many things are possible when we are positive. I share this vision on life. But Walter can make it sound like pure poetry.

Now, being here in our last few kilometers and confronted with the first signs of civilisation, I feel many things. Happiness competes with sadness over the end of the trip. It was, still is, an exceptional experience.

expedition team
Proud, tired & happy – what an adventure!
At about 1.30 p.m. we paddle into Bahia Bombilla. There’s no sign of anyone to pick us up so we keep floating, basking in the sun. Walter once again tries to catch a trout, but those prove uncooperative. We enjoy our last views of the lake and its wild surroundings, the autumn colours and the tranquility of the bay. Walter records a final video to conclude our expedition in words. The emotion is mutual: somewhat tired and extremely satisfied, the dream accomplished.

Slowly we drift to shore, contemplating. Even dreams come to an end. A feeling of pure happiness overwhelms me. I guess that says it all.

To wrap up this magnificent kayak expedition, also read the epilogue.

Kayak expedition Lago Fagnano – epilogue

Expedition map day 5: 18 kilometers

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